Beginners Fishing Tips

Top 8  Fishing Tips from our Fishing guide in Castlehamilton

8.  Depending on your budget a quality spinning rod plus reel will set you back between 80-150 euro.

7.  For pike fishing you must always use a trace at the end of your line as pike have ferociously incised teeth which will easily cut through your fishing line and will leave the fish with the inability to feed and unfortunately they will die. So in order to prevent this always use a trace.     

6.  On catching a pike it is important not to keep the fish out of the water too long so I recommend purchasing a good pair of pliers to speed up the process of de-hooking the fish. A quality pair of pliers will set you back between 10-20 euro.

Catch Of The Week

Conditions were good for boat fishing in the Lough Oughter System in Cavan this week with light westerly winds and moderate showers.   Some nice pike were caught on a range of Salmo Lures and rubber Shads by fishemen staying at the Castlehamilton Fishing Centre in Killeshandra, Co Cavan, and guided by local pike fishing guide Donal Kelly. Red orange and blue were the colours of the day.  The takes were not very aggressive so we had to be alert to know when to strike. 12 pike ranging in size up to 96cm were caught on the day and all safely returned to the water.