Beginners Fishing Tips

Top 8  Fishing Tips from our Fishing guide in Castlehamilton

8.  Depending on your budget a quality spinning rod plus reel will set you back between 80-150 euro.

7.  For pike fishing you must always use a trace at the end of your line as pike have ferociously incised teeth which will easily cut through your fishing line and will leave the fish with the inability to feed and unfortunately they will die. So in order to prevent this always use a trace.     

6.  On catching a pike it is important not to keep the fish out of the water too long so I recommend purchasing a good pair of pliers to speed up the process of de-hooking the fish. A quality pair of pliers will set you back between 10-20 euro.

5.  When fishing from a boat or from the bank a de-hooking mat is also very important especially for the bigger pike (8lb upwards). It enables you to place the pike on it instead of a rough surface which can damage the outer body of the pike. This damage on its outer skin can lead to disease for the fish. During spawning season a de-hooking mat is an essential piece of equipment in any responsible pike angler’s bag.

4.  Always check your knots and line before starting to fish as firstly you do not want to lose the fish of a lifetime and secondly (refer to point 6)

3.  It is important to carry a net especially for the bigger pike. When landing the bigger pike in a net always try and let the pike body fold into the net. With the smaller pike (8lb and under) it is better not to use a net as the hooks can get tangled up in the net and damage the pike.

2.  When lifting a pike for a photo you must always cup one of your hands under the pikes body to support its weight and protect its head. Refer to the photos in our gallery for more information.

1.  At Castlehamilton we operate a strict rule on CPR at all times. CPR stands for Catch, Photo, Release.  It is important to return the fish to the water in the quickest time you can, especially in the warmer months as there is a lack of oxygen in the water. When you are releasing the fish always hold it until it is ready to go otherwise it will go belly up and sink to the bottom.